Environ Industrial 5 (EI-5)


 ENVIRON INDUSTRIAL 5 (EI-5) gives a new and easy way to remove rust and scale deposit, weather in industrial cleaning applications or hard water cleaning in bahtrooms, without any dangerous fume given off by may acid cleaners. AS same as other Environ products, EI-5 offer the hight efficacy and cose effectiveness, while not neglecting the effect on our health and environment. EI-5 was developed to be the safe low pH cleaner for multiple applications by careful selections of raw materials focussing on safety to both the user and the environment. With a high safety profile EI-5 is suitable for many applications including as cooling water additive. Aklthough EI-5 it self has low pH, with the recommended dosage of 1:1000-2000 the pH of the water within the system is hardly effected and is easily within the desirable range and may be recycle for further use.



ENVIRON EI-5 may be used in a concertrate or diluted form by dampen cloth with the product or spray product onto surface or submerged cleaning surface in the product and wash off with a lot of water ENVIRON EI-5 may also be added into cooling system for non-shutdown scale removint at 1:1000-2000