Environ Industrial 1 (EI-1)


ENVIRON INDUSTRIAL 1 (EI-1) is a concentrate low pH aqueous cleaner – degreaser for non – ferrous metal and general surfaces. Unlike other acid cleaner EI-1 utilizes the most user and environmentally friendly ingredients plus herbal extract surfactant to achieve maximum efficacy. Applicable for many different cleaning jobs, EI-1 may be used as cleaner for machine or manual parts cleaning or may be used in ultrasonic bath to get the most  economical and best result. Since EI-1 comes in concentrated form, for general cleaning the recommended dilution is at 1:10 or consult our staffs for more information, and it is advisable that user should find the most effective ratio by slowly increases the amount of water added to the concentration. In ultrasonic bath, the ratio of water in the concentration may be increased. Since EI-1 is water based and has a 92% biodegradability, it does not require any special precaution to dispose.


ENVIRON (EI-1) is a water based concentrate cleaner

For general cleaning applications the recommended ratio is at 1:5 to 10 depending on surface condition and types of stain or soil. The ratio of product required may be decreased if temperature and contact time is increased (especially in ultrasonic bath). ENVIRON (EI-1) is water based and in certain applications it is advisable to wash off with water after cleaning and apply rust inhibitor.