Environ Industrial 2 (EI-2)


 ENVIRON INDUSTRIAL 2 (EI-2) is a concentrate alkaline aqueous cleaner - degreaser for metal and general surfaces. With high efficacy, Environ Industrial 2 is a environmentally friendly substitution for ozone depleting sovent and petrochemical based cleaner. With a combining power of herbal based surfactant and careful selections of other hybrid surfactant which make it possible for water based EI-2 to  clean tough greasy stain in many industries. EI-2 is applicable for multiple cleaning-degreasing purposes, from production line cleaning, machinery cleaning, to general cleaning needs. Because EI-2 comes as a concertrate cleaner, it should be diluted with water to achieve the most effective and economical outcome. Because cost-effectiveness is important to business, why not choose Environ Industrial 2 (EI-2) that is both cose-effective and effectivewhile maintaining high environmental consciousness.



ENVIRON (EI-2) is a water based concentrate cleaner

For general cleaning applicatons the recommended ratio is at 1:5 to 10 depending on surface condition and types of stain or soil. The ratio of product required may be decreased if temperature and contact time is increased (especially in ultrasonic bath). ENVIRON (EI-2) is water based and in certain applications it is advisable to wash off with water after cleaning and apply rust inhibito.